Some Dance to Remember

Courtesy, Kim Jones

Artists of all kinds had powerful, emotional responses to 9/11. Cinema, theater, and literature lend themselves readily to storytelling about the man-made tragedy. But, dancers have a story to tell, too. Kim Jones is among those who remembers 9/11 and has created something beautiful out of the devastation.

UNCC’s Department of Dance will present a concert on Sept 9 featuring works created or performed by three faculty members: E.E. Balcos, Sybil Huskey, and Jones. The program, performed entirely by professional dancers, is offered as part of the Arts & Science Council Cultural Free for All, meaning tickets are free.

Jones (pictured) will premiere two works: TheCenterCannotHold and Trio. TheCenterCannotHold is choreographed and performed in partnership with UNCG’s Duane Cyrus. Both Jones and Cyrus are native New Yorkers and former dancers with the Martha Graham Dance Company who were in New York on that horrific day. 

“As first-hand witnesses to the 9/11 disaster in New York City — a moment in history that affected the entire world — we created TheCenterCannotHold about the unanswerable confusion and fear during that time,” said Jones. The piece also addresses "the humanity that emerged in the moments following such large scale, inhumane destruction.” Sept 9 at 8 p.m. at Anne R. Belk Theater in Robinson Hall. More details here.

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