Something's Wrong With This Twitter Feed

A business in Rock Hill is posting some pretty random stuff. Let's see how long they can keep it up

There is a Twitter account out there, @horse_ebooks, that tweets out lyrically nonsensical spam like this:

It has 208,000 followers.

The actual purpose behind Horse_ebooks is a bit hard to decode, but its effects have been oddly profound. The Paris Review follows Horse_ebooks on Twitter. Its tweets have been collected into a book of poems funded by Kickstarter (Full disclosure, the author is the daughter of a co-worker). It has, somehow, made it possible to find meaning in the non sequituriest of non sequiturs.

So it's with that in mind that I show you this:

Okay then. Comfort Systems is an honest-to-god heating and cooling business down in Rock Hill, and they're really bringing the random lately:

I was going to give Comfort Systems a call to find out why they're posting shots of a guy wrestling a stingray and a collage of anime sketches, but you know what? No. I could guess, but I don't really know what the real story is. I don't want to know. I'm sure they could explain it, but that would be more boring than the randomness that's appearing here.

So here's my thing. Nobody tell them. Let it continue. I want to see where this goes. Sometimes you've got to embrace the beauty in mistakes, wallow in the what??, and sit back and gaze at it through the prism of spam. Horse_ebooks says it best:

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