Sounds of Sasquatch

Chris Edwards

Jazz composer marc Hoffman says he’s had some weird gigs over the years and some pretty cool ones. He played the opening of a Laundromat one time. Scored a few films including 2006’s The Mill. And played Gerald Ford’s granddaughter’s wedding. But earlier this year he received a request like no other: He was asked to create a theme song for Bigfoot. “He said he didn’t want the music to be scary,” Hoffman, forty-nine, says of the Salisbury-area man who has spent his life searching the world for the legendary creature and wanted to put music to the Web site where he documents his findings. “He wanted it to have intrigue.” The result: a haunting nursery rhyme sound, complete with howls and children singing about their “Pop- Pop’s” search for Bigfoot.

Listen to Bigfoot’s theme.

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