Souper Douper

The childhood comfort combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup isn’t just for the little ones anymore. Some of Charlotte’s favorite restaurants are serving up this always-homey — and delicious — combination. Here are the five best spots in town to indulge in the iconic classic.

Soup and Sandwich


Dandelion market
This uptown spot’s grilled cheese ($7) features melted aged cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella stuffed between thick slabs of rustic, grilled farmers bread and served alongside a cup of roasted tomato soup. 118 W. Fifth St., 704-333-7989

15 north
The velvety smooth oven-cured tomato bisque ($6) gets an extra dash of flavor from the drizzling of basil olive oil on top, and it gets its extra dose of cozy from the petite grilled cheese served alongside it. 1513 Montford Dr., 704-919-0003

The King’s Kitchen
Hot homemade pimento cheese oozes from between two buttery slices of bread on the grilled pimento cheese ($5), making it the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of the chunky tomato soup ($3). Mom never even made it this good. 129 W. Trade St., 704-375-1990

You can order any cheese for your sandwich ($5.50) here, but if you don’t order the pepper Jack to pair with the hearty tomato soup ($2.95), you’re making a mistake. The spicy cheese and creamy soup combo adds a grownup twist to the kiddie classic. 1220 Thomas Ave., 704-344-0343

Solstice Tavern
They don’t serve the soup daily, so you’ll have to go when tomato soup is among the specials. But trust us, when it’s paired with
the Highland Mill Elementary Grilled Cheese ($5), a traditional grilled cheddar on white or wheat bread, it’s worth the trip. 3221 N. Davidson St., 704-342-2556

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