Southern Souvenirs

Give your wedding guests these Charlotte favors
Chris Edwards
1. Raspberry Market Pack by Neela Bags, $30 each, Paper Twist 2. Carolina Pad’s Hot Chocolate notepad, $2.49, Harris Teeter 3. NASCAR Hall of Fame race car, $7.99, NASCAR Hall of Fame gift shop 4. Truffles from Davidson Chocolate Company, $5-$7 (varies by weight), Davidson Chocolate Co. 5. Carolina BBQ Sauce, $5, Mac’s Speed Shop 6. Ferry-Morse okra seeds, $1.59 each, Pike Nursery 7. Elizabeth W magnolia-perfumed soap, $9, Cottage Chic 8. Carolina Blonde Ale, $7.99 for a six-pack, Harris Teeter 9. Starbound Blueberry Dessert Wine from Childress Vineyards, $17.99, Total Wine 10. Botanical Interests’ Sweet Pea seeds, $1.99 each, Pike Nursery

Don’t make your guests prowl airport souvenir shops for a take-home knickknack. It’s bad Southern hospitality! To make sure they remember the wedding and its charming host city, send them off with a gift bag of trinkets that are all Charlotte themed. If they want more of these darling and delicious items, they’ll have to come back to visit.

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