Spinning Yarns

Chris Edwards

After five years of making his own creations, self-taught knitter Chris Wysocki decided he’d like to open a yarn shop. The newly opened Yarnhouse in NoDa is stocked with more than 10,000 balls of yarn in every color imaginable. The fabrics come in diverse options including silk and acrylic and are made by designers such as Koigu Wool Designs, Himalaya Yarns, and Debbie Bliss. For knitters in need, the Yarnhouse also sells accessories, including needles and patterns. "It is something you create with your own hands and gives that feeling of accomplishment," says Wysocki. "And it makes really great gifts."

Right now the Yarnhouse is offering crocheting and knitting classes that start at $35 and typically last two hours. Wysocki eventually plans on having a knitting circle that will be open to everyone. Yarnhouse, 3205 N. Davidson St., 704-335-8531, yarnhouseknits.com

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