Squawk This


They say you shouldn't discuss politics, religion, and sex in polite company. Clearly, Charlotte Squawks is not polite company. The musical parody show covers those topics and more in the first five minutes.

Back for its fifth season, Charlotte Squawks has doubled its crowds each year. With sketches poking fun at Charlotte's street names—a fave since the first year—to a new skit that finds plenty of humor in this year's sheriff's election, Charlotte native and Squawks founder Keith Martin says there's never a shortage of material.

"We want to be fair and balanced and equal-opportunity offenders," Martin says.
Martin is the director and producer of the show, which features Charlotte Talks host and local theater stalwart Mike Collins and former Fox News Rising anchor Beth Troutman.

"We sit around and some of these ideas are alcohol induced, I have to tell you," Martin says. "They just spring forth."

See listing in Agenda for more details. June 5-14, McGlohon Theatre