Steele Creek, Palisades

What was long thought of as a route to Lake Wylie, Steele Creek has blossomed into a burgeoning ’burb with something for all price points. “Whatever price you’re looking for,” says Graham, “you’ll find in Steele Creek.”

PROS With the future addition of two CMS schools, shopping areas, and a new medical facility, the area will likely thrive. Plus, the widening of Highway 49, though still laden with rush hour traffic, has better connected the corridor to the city. “Now you can get down to places that took forever,” says Keith Thompson, a Realtor with Prudential Realty. “By opening that up, the area’s got a great future.”

CONS It’s going to take time before the area catches up with the other outlying neighborhoods. “It’ll take time to fill itself,” says Thompson. “The schools, they’re improving, but they’re not there yet.” Plus, while the Highway 49 improvement is a positive, “it’s still a mess as you get closer to Charlotte,” says Knight.

VERDICT In spite of the growth, we can’t ignore the South Tryon traffic problem in addition to the weaker schools. The call: get in now if you don’t have kids. But until then, consider private schools or moving elsewhere for better education options.


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