Stick With Us for a Unique Take on the DNC

In my seventeen years at Charlotte magazine, the Democratic National Convention is the largest news event to ever happen here, and we plan to treat it accordingly.

Our team of talented writers and photographers will canvass the city during the first week of September, telling the story of the convention as it happens. Of course, every media outlet in town will be doing the same thing. But you can be assured our coverage will be unlike anyone else's. In everything we do, we aim to interpret, analyze, and offer a point of view. We don't follow the hordes, and we don't just show you what's happening; we tell you what it means and why it matters. Our daily DNC coverage will be no different. We see this convention almost like a movie or a novel (but true) unfolding in real time. Our team of journalists will fill in the scenes, the characters, the turning points, the highs and lows. We'll have short posts and longish stories, photographs, and video.

We'll also be posting stories from our partner, the National Journal. The NJ is a sister publication to The Atlantic, and they are sending 100 reporters to Charlotte. You'll be able to read curated stories from some of the foremost political reporters and analysts in the country. (And you'll see some of our stuff on their site, too.) And when other national media outlets write or air something interesting about Charlotte, we'll let you know.

Above all, we're going to have fun. And if you stick with us, you will too. See it all unfold at

PS If you see things happening that we need to know about (or if you just see Jon Stewart), tweet us @CharlotteMag

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