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Provisions for the bar cart

Aside from serving as an ideal storage unit for libation makings, a bar cart makes for a stylish addition and focal point to any room. And with the multitude of dinner parties and impromptu soirees you'll feel compelled to host in your newlywed home, what better time than now to procure the perfect cart and gather all the essentials for it? Begin with the basics: You'll want a variety of top shelf light and dark liquors to start. Vodka, rum, bourbon and gin should do just the trick. Then add a few juices for mixing. For wine, keep white and red on hand. A classic chardonnay is always a crowd pleaser while a quality bottle of chianti will win over any red wine enthusiast. Champagne or sparkling wine is also essential, especially for celebratory events. Keep a case of Perrier or San Pellegrino in stock as well for non-drinkers. As for the tools, you'll want an ice bucket (we love a newlywed monogrammed option in etched glass), ice tongs, a few bottle openers, stoppers, a wine coaster and, of course, a cocktail shaker. For the finishing touches, choose a large pack of cocktail napkins as well as a set of coasters to ensure guests don't set down drinks on stainable surfaces. Then you'll want some drink stirrers, straws, fruits for garnish and a jar of sugar for fancy cocktail rims. Throw in a few shot glasses and you're ready to party newlywed style. 

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