Summer Cinemagic

While blockbusters like the new Harry Potter flick and the next Transformers spectacle are causing a lot of hype on the 2011 summer blockbuster front, Charlotte has a couple other reasons to flock to the movie theaters this June.

Tolkien fans and experts will be giddy to hear that for three nights, nationwide, in select theaters, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be revived for a night with an hour of extended footage and deleted scenes in each movie for the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Event. Each flick will also be kicked off with a videotaped interview with Peter Jackson, taken from the set of the in-the-works The Hobbit.

Get your tickets in advance (long in advance, if you can) from You can hit up the Elvish event in Charlotte on June 14 ("The Fellowship" night), June 21 ("Two Towers"), and June 28 ("Return of the King"). They’ll be playing at Carolina Pavilion 22, Tinseltown, and Stonecrest 22 @ Piper Glen.

Just a few days before that, the Found Footage Festival will drop in on University City the night of June 10. Started in New York in 2004, the Found Footage Festival is the brainchild of Nick Prueher and Joe Picket, two writers/researchers for media gems like The Colbert Report and The Onion. Prueher and Pickett have been collecting amusing and bizarre videos since the early 1990s, and finally decided to show them off. The festival became a hit, and they’re traveling to 75 different cities in the U.S. for a tour.

The videos (a ventriloquist how-to video and an exercise compilation tape that includes moves from Cher and the American Gladiators are featured this year) will be preceded by a 25th anniversary screening of Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a rocker cult classic from Cameron Crowe set in the parking lot of a 1986 Judas Priest concert. We can only imagine. Here’s a trailer for the festival. We guarantee it’ll pique your interest.

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