Taking Care of Business

Sure, there's free Wi-Fi throughout the entire airport. (Quick note: it's not the fastest Wi-Fi, so don't expect to watch the recent episode of The Office while chilling out at your gate.) But if you don't own a laptop and gotta check your eBay bid, the Duke-UNC score, work e-mail, or whatever, here are five other reasons it's worth heading to the Bank of America Business Center in The Atrium.

  • It's quiet. Without all the hubbub going on in the terminal, you can actually hear yourself think at the BofA biz center courtesy of a white-noise machine that sounds throughout the space.
  • It's like being at work. OK, that's not a bonus necessarily. But, with a phone and computer, the workspaces resemble your cubicle sans your annoying co-worker.
  • Plus it's (relatively) easy on the wallet. It's $7.50 per half hour to use a computer with Internet access.
  • You can print. At 25 cents per page, you can print your Google map directions from downtown San Fran to Sonoma.
  • It beats sitting in the terminal. Layovers, um, stink. So kill time and e-mail your friends and family photos from your vacay. Or complain
  • about your delay. Whatever works.
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