Taking Immigration Reform To The Streets

The local immigration reform group, United 4 the Dream, will hold an interactive performance of "Theatre of the Oppressed" today at the corner of Trade and Tryon streets.

Organizers say the performance will to address immigrations issues like family separation, undocumented high-school graduates, undocumented worker contributions and myths and stereotypes. Passersby will be asked to help out in portions of the production that is scheduled to last from 4 until 5:30 p.m.

“I want people to understand what it might actually be like. I want people to interact with us and the scenes and to understand the role they play in this broken system,” said Ramon Garibaldo, freshman at Johnson C. Smith University and organizer of the event in a news release.

The point of the event, organizers said, is to humanize immigrants and help begin the conversation about reforms to our laws.

The event was scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 22, but was postponed because of inclemate weather.

Find out more about United 4 the Dream here.

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