Tech Trend: Registering for Gifts Online

I find it amazing how many things you can do online these days. I do my banking on the Internet, pay my bills, fill out my taxes, and even go shopping. Why spend gas money when you can get your errands done online?

Yet another convenience of the Internet is doing your wedding registry online. Bed Bath & Beyond allows you to fill out all your information and register for gifts on their website. John Dabbs, Ltd., located at 759 Providence Rd., has an online wedding registry form as well.

If you don't feel up to registering at multiple stores, check out At this site, you can register for gifts from any store's website. Your guests can see everything that you want in one place… so convenient!

So what are the perks of registering online? No only do you save time and gas money, but your guests can too, since they can do their gift shopping from their computer. Another plus for online registry is for the bride and groom who have very busy weeks and don't have time to get together to register. You can go online at different times and see what each other has registered for. You can add things you like and finish your registry without having to take time off work or cancel your weekend plans.

Which stores are you thinking of registering at?

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