Tech Trend: Wedding Newsletters

One of the most important things you can do as a bride is to keep your family and friends updated on the latest ideas, dates, and special highlights of your upcoming wedding. An increasingly popular way to do this is through a bridal newsletter. 

Click here to download a template for a classic, elegant, and clearly formatted wedding newsletter. Just replace the pictures with your own snapshots and fill in the information that you want your newsletter recipients to know. You can print them out and mail them, or e-mail as an E-Newsletter! Here are some tips for writing your newsletter:

1. Make sure to put in a "thank you" to your family and friends for all they are doing to help out.

2. Include updates to keep your close ones in the loop, such as venue, number of guests, color scheme, etc.

3. List dates for wedding showers, the rehearsal, and possibly when you will be away on your honeymoon.

4. Keep it simple! You can send out one newsletter monthly (or weekly, that's up to you) so you don't need to layout your whole wedding in the first edition.

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