Thanksgiving with a Twist

Duck, quail, cod, risotto, ravioli, and devil’s food cake. How’s that for a Thanksgiving meal? We asked three local chefs to create holiday menus with a twist—one that goes retro while the others save cash and time. So roll up your sleeves, and dig in—it’s Thanksgiving three (very) different ways.

Produced and styled by Carrie Campbell, Blake Miller, and Lisa Summerell
Photographs by Chris Edwards

A Pilgrim's Portion
The premise behind Chef Mark Allison's menu was simple—go retro. Really retro.

Light and Easy
Chef Kirk Gilbert’s menu takes the stress of preparing Thanksgiving dinner away by providing easy and relatively quick recipes that will keep you off your feet and enjoying the day.

Frugal Feast
When Chef Charles Semail set out to create his alternative feast for the holiday he immediately envisioned a meal that was not only innovative but also easy on the wallet.