The Adoption Option

In 2007, the Humane Society of Charlotte took in close to 1,500 homeless or surrendered animals. But almost 100 of those went unadopted. That's 100 furry friends without a place to call home. Without a backyard to chase squirrels. Without an owner to snuggle with on the couch. Luckily, Charlotte has several adoption agencies with dedicated volunteers whose (unpaid) job is to find homes for these lovable pets. Here's a look at some agencies helping.

The Animal Adoption League ( provides temporary homes and veterinary care to abandoned animals, but doesn't let them go home with just anyone. Applicants for an AAL cat or dog are reviewed to ensure they're prepared and able to care for a pet, and that the pet feels comfortable with the potential adopters and its new home. The adoption fee, which covers foster and vet costs, is $150 for dogs and $125 for cats.

Crossroads Animal Rescue ( is another foster-based rescue that uses the Web and adoption events at local pet stores to help find homes for pooches and kitties alike. Like the Animal Adoption League, Crossroads wants to make sure potential owners are ready to adopt. It allows applicant owners to take in their potential pet for a week to determine if they are ready for the responsibility and if the animal does well in the new environment. The cost for Crossroads is $175. 

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