The Best of the Best Awards: 2019



WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT LIVING HERE? Is it that barista who remembers how you take your coffee? Or is it the rush of happiness you feel after reaching Crowders Mountain’s peak or tasting your favorite scoop of ice cream? We all have our reasons for choosing Charlotte as home, why we consider it the best city. Every year since 1988, this magazine has celebrated those reasons with the Best of the Best Awards—a list that’s not tied to advertising in any way, and takes months and a team of 15 to produce. This year we induct 205 new winners into the Hall of Fame of Charlotte, so to speak. What’s not to love? 

This year's writers: Taylor Bowler, Rachel Kang, Greg Lacour, Matt McKenzie, Jen Tota McGivney, Jared Misner,  Adam Rhew, Shameika Rhymes, Alexandria Sands, Andy Smith, and Emma Way.