The Best Shirts to Stay Cool

Beat the heat with these breezy choices
J Crew

In one of the fashion world’s weird quirks, retailers are already getting excited about fall colors and fabrics. Some have even started to slowly sprinkle fall items into their stores. Meanwhile, back in the real world, it’s hot. Our temperatures have been in the 90s every day for more than two straight weeks. I’ll pass on fall styles for now, thanks. All that interests me is how to stay cool. 

As Charlotte continues to sizzle, turn to linen as an easy way to keep from overheating in style. The gauzy fabric is highly breathable, and lends an effortless, casual vibe to your look. Linen wrinkles easily—but don’t stress about it. Here's where to buy this shirt made for summer.



Slim Delave Irish Linen Shirt





Jack Spade

'Hatton' Trim Fit Stripe Short Sleeve Linen Sport Shirt


Available at Nordstrom.




Ralph Lauren

Slim-Fit Linen Estate Shirt


Available at Belk.




 Billy Reid 

Copper Popover



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