The Chapel Hill Killings' Bleak 'Bright Side'

This is what we're reduced to being thankful for
Chapel Hill Police Department

Authorities in Chapel Hill haven’t disclosed the kind of weapon Craig Stephen Hicks used to kill three young Muslim neighbors Tuesday afternoon. But a search warrant made public yesterday reveals, chillingly, the arsenal Hicks chose not to use (from WRAL-TV):

Police searched Hicks' home the night of the shootings and found two fully loaded handguns, a fully loaded AR-15 Bushmaster rifle, two shotguns, five other rifles, two other handguns and two pellet guns, according to one search warrant. They also found numerous magazines with varying amounts of ammunition, boxes of ammunition, shotgun shells, BBs, gun scopes and other gun-related items, the warrant states.

I stopped hoping for any kind of meaningful gun control after Newtown; if the deaths of 20 children couldn’t compel Congress to act, I figured, nothing will. So this is not meant as a call for an assault-weapons ban or background checks or anything else that might impede an insane person from accumulating enough guns and ammunition to fend off, or supply, a small army.

This is simply an acknowledgement of where we are: living in a country in which one deranged man can kill three young people who by all accounts were magnificent—the kind of people who really do represent the nation’s best hopes—and forced to be thankful that their killer decided to murder only them, because he easily could have killed many more.

Because of the people we’ve decided to elect, and the decisions those people have made, this is what we’re reduced to being thankful for. And we’re left to hope, perhaps pray, that the next massacre will be just as merciful, that it ends with only two or three dead instead of 20, or 32. We’re left measuring not just our loss but our relief by a body count, apparently the true cost of freedom.

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