The Contemporary

The Jenkinses

Jessica and Camp Jenkins had been here before: in 2005 they renovated their South Park home's kitchen by adding a breakfast room adjacent to the kitchen so that their then family of three would have a place to congregate for dinner and homework. Five years later, the family — now with children ages ten, nine, three, and two months — outgrew the space. "We thought the breakfast room would be perfect," says Jessica. "But no one ever used it. It didn't work out the way we envisioned and I think it was primarily because of that wall," which served as a partition between the breakfast nook and kitchen.

Enter Aida Saul of Aida Interiors. "The first thing we talked about was that I wanted a big table in the middle of the kitchen," says Jessica. "That's what was missing. But I didn't want it to feel too kitchen-y. We didn't want an all-white kitchen but we still wanted it to feel bright." Saul gutted the kitchen and began to create a space that flowed seamlessly into the family room.

A neutral gray served as the basis for the room's cool color palette, which Saul complemented with concrete countertops by Reaching Quiet and a mosaic tile backsplash in a complementary hue that, Jessica adds, "tones down the harshness of the white." Open shelving was added, which forces her, Jessica says, to keep things in order; a mudroom and laundry room were also part of the renovation. A vintage chandelier provides a punch of color and hangs above an oversize kitchen table Saul found in New York, which serves as a transition piece from the kitchen to the family room. "Everything happens at that table," says Jessica. "The kids do their homework there, art projects. It's just a great central spot for us."