The Coolest New Exercise Trend

Recess at the gym, anyone?
Chris Edwards
The jungle gym at Metro Fitness Club in Myers Park

It may not have seemed like exercise when you were five, but swinging from the monkey bars is actually a hardcore workout. Charlotte gym enthusiasts are giving it a try via the newest fitness craze: adult jungle gyms. Complete with climbing ropes, pull-up bars, and, of course, the monkey bars, the spaces at Myers Park’s Metro Fitness Club and Ballantyne’s Urban Active are about ten feet tall and ten feet wide. Up to a dozen people can work out on them at a time. “It’s a fun piece of equipment that offers the perfect combination of strength and cardiovascular training for anyone who wants to lose weight, get stronger, or be more fit,” says Thea Winick-Turnbull, general manager of Metro Fitness Club. “The jungle gym means the days of choosing between cardio and strength workouts are over.”

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