The Easiest Fall Perennials for a Charlotte Garden

What's better than a beautiful bloom that comes back every year? An easy one.

As we welcome fall into our home decor, it's easy to forget to update the outside. Maybe you're missing something along the front walkway? Perennial flowers are ideal companions for a colorless landscape—they don't need to be replanted every year, and the hardier types can survive a Charlotte winter easily. For you, that means less digging and more enjoying.

For fall color that wows holiday guests, consider adding the below three blooms to your outdoor lineup. Not only are these picks pretty, but they're some of the hardest-to-kill as well. You can often purchase these varieties pre-grown in containers at your local nursery. Or, if you want to foster their growth from the start, plant the seeds in spring for a nice show next fall.



Without mums, is it really a fall garden? This popular bloom is a must during autumn in Charlotte—especially if you pick up a hardy variety. These tough (and lovely) flowers can make it through a Charlotte winter with zero TLC and still re-bloom the following fall. Plus, they come in colors such as violet, pink, orange, red, burgundy, and yellow—all of fall's favorite tones. See our favorite creative ways to dress up your mums this season.



Showy with little effort, this clustered flower is the lazy gardener's dream. Sedum is also known as Stonecrop and can thrive pretty much anywhere, including Charlotte gardens. The hardy succulent is so simple to take care of that you can essentially plant it and forget it—this flower is really that un-fussy. You'll be able to I.D. it by the thick, succulent leaves and the tiny, star-shaped petals in the flower clusters. Oh, and the butterflies fluttering around the flowers might be a hint, too.




Low-growing and bushy, this aromatic flower will rise to about two to three feet high. It produces gray-green foliage that's aromatic when crushed, but perhaps the most notable feature of this flower is its shape. It has blue-purple flowers that look like daisies, the centers of which are classic yellow. This tough flower can last through heavy frost well into late fall, and likely longer in Charlotte.

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