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How to handle friends who are jealous of your engagement

If you're not the first of close friends or family to be engaged, you may have already experienced this from the other side. Your best friend gushes that she's about to tie the knot, flashing a sparkly piece of left hand jewelry that rivals her blissful grin in radiance. You're beyond ecstatic, but can't help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy. It's only natural. However, now that the tables have turned, you may see firsthand just how apparent these pangs of envy from friends are, and also how much of a buzz kill they can be when you're divulging the exciting news. Getting engaged marks likely one of the happiest moments of your life–not to mention the beginning of a brand new chapter. Every bride wants her nearest and dearest to bask in bridal bliss by her side. That said, it is frustrating when the most prominent feelings you sense are those of jealousy. So if you're getting this vibe from a friend or family member, here are a few tips on handling the sticky situation.

Elephant in The Room

Though the reality of the situation is apparent, steer clear of accusing said individual of being jealous. It will only cause an argument or, worse, larger fight, and it will make her feel even worse about the situation. Take the high road and handle it without criticism. After all, it's human nature to be envious. 

Tea For Two

Your friend or family member may be jealous simply because she feels as though she's going to lose you as a friend. To help ease her worries, schedule a weekend or night just the two of you, and tell her you want her with you every step of the way during the planning process. Another fast fix: include her in a few activities with your groom to-be. Maybe it's a double date or maybe it's a group event. Either way, this (and time) are sure to ease her mind. 

Space Saver

If your attention and added activities together still aren't lessening the projection of jealousy or resentment, try taking some space from talking to her for a week or so. Often, all she will need is some solo time to process and come to her senses. 

Make Or Break

After all is said and done, if she is still not budging from her negative aura, think twice before asking her to be a bridesmaid. The last thing you'll want is consistent negativity in bridal party activities. Avoid a larger fight or burned bridge and simply ask another friend–one who will be happy for you–because that's what you deserve. 


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