The Hornets Are Back

Teal and purple basketball returns to Charlotte
Team cheerleaders Kia Cunningham (left), LauRen Strager (middle), and Kristin Jones back the buzz. Do you? (For more chatter about the return of the Hornets, see page 16)

The Charlotte Bobcats have spent the past nine years trying to build some goodwill. Turns out all they needed was $4 million to pay for a new old name. On July 18, NBA owners will almost certainly approve the return of the Hornets name to Charlotte, at which time hipsters will probably abandon their no-longer-retro teal and purple threads for something else (looking at you, Seattle SuperSonics). The name change is set for the beginning of the 2014 season, so for now, let’s call them the Bobnets, because every pairing needs a Brangelina-like celebrity mashup nickname. By the way, there’s only one place where the word “Bobcats” is superior to “Hornets”: in Scrabble.

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