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Charleston Fashion Week Trend: Midrif-Baring Bridal Gowns

The oohs and aahs that echo from the stiletto-clad audience during the bridal shows of Charleston Fashion Week are most perfectly commonplace. With an endless assortment of dreamy confections floating down the runway, a consistent nod of adoring approval is no surprise. But this year, a few show-stoppers sparked some serious applause, and they all had one design element in common: a crop top. And before you shrug off the notion, hear me out. I too, would have been skeptical of the trickle-down effect of this street style winner into bridal market. But it totally works–in a most understatedly coy fashion. In a sea of slinky silk sheaths and French laces, these midrif-baring looks most certainly spiced up the bridal runway. Here are a few of my favorites. (Photos by Leigh Moose) And if you're still not sold, look forward to Friday, as I'll be sharing full coverage of the day's shows!

Lula Kate

Whitney Deal

Hayley Paige


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