The New, Easy Way to Sell Your Home in Charlotte

Although Opendoor makes selling your home easier than ever, the personal touch is not lost.

It’s where your kids took their first steps. The backyard where you planted your first garden. The entryway where you coerced your teenager to stand still for prom pictures. The home you had always dreamed of, that you scrimped and saved to afford and where you built your life. And now, you’re selling it.

Most sellers will spend the next few months waiting for a buyer to come around – painting over the walls that reflect your children’s personalities with a more neutral palette, keeping your house immaculate in case an unexpected showing comes up, and staging the home in a way that it no longer feels like your safe space. But an increasing number of homeowners are looking to new alternatives such as Opendoor.


The New, Better Way to Sell Your Home

Opendoor has created a way to sell your home without the traditional process and hassle.

You request an offer online by entering your home’s address and providing a few key details. Within days, you’ll receive a detailed offer from Opendoor based on market data and seller information. You review the offer, sign the contract, and you’re on your way to closing! After a free home assessment, any home repair fees can be deducted from the final payment, and then you’re free to close on your own timeline. No staging. No repairs. No scramble to move.

The data suggests Opendoor can be more convenient and more economical than the traditional model. Selling to Opendoor currently carries an average service charge of 6.5%, which is comparable to the standard real estate commission in many areas.



Additionally, Opendoor brings with it a more streamlined experience, giving sellers the option of a shorter closing timeline and the ability to prevent overlapping mortgages. This quick process might seem impersonal, but Opendoor’s customers have found that the human element is more than present. The company understands that selling your home is an emotional time and that sometimes you just need the chance to say your goodbyes.


Modern Convenience with a Personal Touch

Homeowner Robin Race shares her story of saying goodbye, which includes the one item that she simply couldn’t part with: the door to her kitchen pantry.

Robin and her family purchased their home in 1998. Immediately, she knew that the pantry door was the perfect place to record her children’s heights as they grew. When she recently sold her home to Opendoor, she spoke with her daughter about leaving.

‘Mom, get the pantry door,’ her daughter insisted.

Time was running out; the movers had already come, and the final walkthrough was taking place in just a few hours. Still, Robin worked hard to fulfill her daughter’s wish. She reached out to Opendoor, explained the situation, and said that she would be willing to pay the expense to retrieve the beloved door. Robin was shocked when she was told not to worry about it, that she could simply take the door.

“I got choked up,” Robin says. “It was a big deal for me.”

Once Robin had retrieved the door, she realized that although she had saved it at the behest of her daughter, it was Robin herself who had needed it all along. The memories the door represented were such an integral part of the home she had just bid farewell to, and she knew that she would be forever grateful for bringing a small part of that history to her new home.

“The response I got, and the compassion,” she recalls, “it was just a sweet, sweet story for us.”


Proof in Reviews

Modern consumers will be happy to know that Opendoor’s online reviews hold up to the test. Check out some of the below testimonials to see how other homeowners liked working with Opendoor to sell their homes.


FAQs About Selling Your Home

There’s no doubting that Charlotte’s real estate market is a hot topic lately. If you’re considering selling your home or investment property, the below frequently-asked questions may be useful.

What if the house sits on the market for too long? 

There are countless reasons your house might stay on the market for too long: it is priced incorrectly, it wasn’t staged properly, there are simply no buyers. Whatever the reason, homes that have been on the market for too long rarely sell for the asking price.

Just as you’re apprehensive about selling your home, potential buyers are filled with doubt. They want to make sure that they’re investing in a home they can love for decades, and a home that has been on the market for too long can be a major red flag. Even if there is nothing wrong with your home, buyers might wonder why someone else hasn’t scooped it up yet. You’ll need to reduce the price, negotiate with potential buyers, worry about making changes or even take the home off the market briefly in order to make it appealing again. Talk about stressful!

Opendoor removes that stress. They simply purchase your home for a competitive price, allowing you to focus on moving to your new home while they worry about the next buyer.

What if the buyers back out? 

Buyers back out for many reasons. Something might go wrong with the inspection. They might have a sudden financial hardship or a home that they prefer may have become available. Most home sales take around 30 days to close, and any number of things can go wrong during that time. As you’re packing your belongings and getting prepared to leave, the last thing you need is the emotional rollercoaster of a terminated sale.

With Opendoor, you can sleep soundly, knowing you have more certainty. The company wants you to start enjoying your new phase of life as much as you do. They’ll ensure that the process happens quickly and painlessly, so that you can get busy making your new house into a home.


What if I negotiate a bad deal?

Negotiations can be the most stressful part of selling your home. Even with the help of a realtor, the housing market is confusing and ever-changing. Although your realtor will work hard to negotiate on your behalf, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether to take the deal.

Opendoor allows you to sell your home in three easy steps: they provide a competitive offer based on the home information you provide and market comparisons, you accept and take part in a free home assessment, and then you close on your own timeline. It’s fast and easy, and you can feel confident that you are getting a competitive price without spending time and money on staging, listing, showings and all the other stressful parts of selling a home.

Opendoor understands the emotions behind selling a home. Although they’ve streamlined the home-selling process, they’ve also maintained the human element that is so important. Request an offer today and you may just be the next customer to add your story to the many happy endings that Opendoor has already seen.


Featured customers were compensated by Opendoor for their time, not their views or opinions. 

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