The New Neutral

The hottest shade of the season isn’t black or white—it’s gray
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The wedding-color staple coupled with a soft gray lends a vintage feel, says Tracey Baxter of Aisle Do Weddings. “It’s such a popular color combination because its misty and shadowy qualities embody a vintage look so easily.” For a more modern aesthetic, says Baxter, consider going with a more vibrant pink and gray. “Brighter pinks pair really well with gray for modern designs that want to achieve elegance.”

“Yellow is a polarizing color, making it a risky choice for weddings. People either love it or hate it,” says Baxter. “So it has to be done right.” Couples who love yellow, she adds, will pick this of-the-moment color combo for wedding décor and styling that is strong, full of personality, and conveys a modern edge. But it can be timeless, too. “The softer grays [with subtle yellow colors] default to a nostalgic or vintage feel, which is amplified when there is lace, abundant delicate flowers, plenty of candles, and other small accent pieces in the decoration.”

This color combo lends itself to a rustic aesthetic, says Baxter. For an autumn wedding, “it would be stunning and easy to design with lots of bark, moss, pumpkins, squash, or other gourds, dried flowers, and wheat,” she says. In the spring, consider swapping heavier accessories with sheer fabrics, light-colored woods, and fresh greenery and flowers. For an edgier wedding, incorporating a darker orange and charcoal gray into geometric patterns, such as chevron, instantly creates a more modern aesthetic.

The “it” color palette of the moment, this ultra-soft combination exudes an ethereal and, yes, vintage feel.“Lavender and gray is traditional enough for the classic bride, edgy enough for the modern bride, and opulent enough for the luxury bride,” says Baxter. “Grays with soft lavender will be effortlessly vintage or nostalgic. Charcoal gray paired with a more robust lavender will create a modern, sophisticated style. This is very luxurious and would be brilliant for evening weddings.”

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