The Online Menu At This Restaurant Is Just Random Latin Words

Three years ago, a cafe created a page for entrees, appetizers and more, but never deleted the filler text
University of Toronto via Wikipedia
Cicero: philosopher, orator, menu creator

Far as I can tell, Cafe at 6100 on Fairview Road has had a website since 2010, and since that time, it's come with a friendly bit of foreshadowing:

We're pleased to announce that we've been working on our menu to provide our customers with a diverse selection of  healthy choices.  We'll send an update out when we have more information!

Thanks guys! So cheerful!

But wait. There already IS a menu on the website, and it is purely Latin gibberish. The menu is organized with several English headers, soups and salads, entrees, beverages and the like, but the rest is lorem ipsum filler text, the stuff that's automatically generated by computer programs to allow you to lay out a page without having to come up with the words to do it.

(That filler text actually borrows some words from a 1st century B.C. text from Cicero, with words added or subtracted. It's been used for centuries by typesetters.)

So to see what's on the menu at Cafe at 6100, I ran the menu through Google Translate. Obviously it's not a perfect system, but it's going to have to do. Enjoy:



Lorem itself pain he is amet consectetuer to come up to elit
$ 7.50

U.S. investment
The official website , players such as pollutants , OK, so the urn at my blog
$ 6.50

Budget Performance
Twist by our union -class professional affiliations
$ 8.00

Soups and Salads

For Thailand
It's basketball , it was the same or similar behavior , there a lot of planning issues
$ 4.50

Here's closing stock
Each one reason, mi or always downtown, it's going to push the United States nor
$ 6.00

Traffic vehicles
Residents achieve sauce
$ 6.50


But the door , one page survey
The home of his companions , you will feel and the great gods Mountains will labor , a ridiculous mouse will be born
$ 14.00

Tomorrow will be a lot of
Beating dwell the sad old age and disease , spanned, and advising hunger and the ugly need
$ 12.50

Welcome to drink fears
It's just that was as it were another child right is the gate, but tens of thousands of magazines and newspapers -free
$ 18.00


immigration bills
Read more risky for
$ 4.50

Full financing
The world's largest warm-up, the job is simply responsible for the running
$ 5.00

As a graduate
's Research budget , not the kids
$ 4.50


Read more mass
Member , my chocolate arrows at the timing now
$ 8.00

Organic or reward
It's as basic as plastic plant pot
$ 7.50

File habitat, but
There is no -free -car , but , at times of life
$ 9.00


But easy / $ 3.00
Sports / $ 2.50
Each afternoon / $ 4.00
Or maybe my / $ 4.50
Monitoring Performance / $ 2.50
The likelihood of a long list / $ 3.00
Gaming / $ 4.00
It's the smart / $ 3.50

Basketball? Thailand? Blog? You're trolling me, Google Translate. You're also making me miss @horse_ebooks a little.

If you're wondering, I found Cafe at 6100 while I was scanning Yelp, looking to find a place that would deliver food to the house. I moved on to Papa John's (Half off when the Charlote Checkers win!), but came back to the website later to find out more. That proved difficult. Under the "Who Are We?" section, it simply says "NA." To that, I simply say, with the sincerity of a Roman philosopher: veni, vidi, comedi.

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