The Power 50

IT'S BEEN more than two years since we ranked the city's most powerful people. It seems  like ten. Newcomers make up more than 40 percent of the list, and the way things are going, we could do it again in two months and see a whole new crop of leaders. But we feel pretty confident that the names on the next eleven pages represent Charlotte's true players—the city's superheroes, if you will (and we need a few right now). We talked to dozens of sources, who all agreed to be candid in exchange for confidentiality. We Googled until our mice begged for mercy. Then we argued. Finally, we put the names in order, although don't take the rankings too literally. After all, it's not like number twenty Rick Hendrick is going to ask number twenty-one Phil Dubois to pick up Jeff Gordon's drycleaning. We also lament the loss of Wachovia, and wonder what it portends for Charlotte (Hickory, anyone?). As a bonus, we note eight up-and-comers, make some other curious observations, and offer a quiz to help you determine your own level of authority. Feel free to show the results to your boss.

*Plus, one bonus power player we couldn't leave off.


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