The Rustic

The Veltmans

When architect Ruard Veltman and his wife, Millicent, moved to Charlotte in 2002, they settled on a comfortable bungalow in Plaza Midwood. But the couple never forgot the home they loved but couldn't have: a 1940s ranch designed by famed Charlotte architect Martin Boyer, also in Plaza Midwood. "We were smitten with it, loved it even before knowing what the inside looked like," says Ruard. "And we always said this: if we had our choice, we wanted that home on St. Andrews."

Finally, the house went on the market in 2009 and the Veltmans jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. While the home fit their family's lifestyle — their son, Fritz, is five, and daughter, Perrin, is three — they knew the outdated kitchen and dining room needed some work. But instead of a massive renovation, the Veltmans opted to simply rework each room's purpose. The tiny kitchen became, more or less, the pantry and cook prep area complete with a twelve-foot stainless steel sink, stainless steel island, fridge, oven, open shelving for food and dishes, and an adjacent laundry room. The dining room was outfitted with a stovetop and "clean" sink, where only fresh fruits and vegetables would be washed.

"I crave simplicity," says Ruard. "In five minutes I can clean up everything in the space where everyone lives and entertains. The back kitchen is where the mess can happen. It's being clever with spaces."