The Search for Green

Eco chic is still in the backs of our minds

It’s long been possible for homebuyers to have their real estate agents sort through the thousands of home-for-sale listings in our area and find ones with specific features—say, a five-bedroom, seven-bath, two-story on a golf course with a three-car garage. Now you can also look for homes that have environmentally friendly, energy-saving attributes. According to the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association, about 600 out of 25,000 listings on Charlotte’s Multiple Listings Service are “green homes,” which have been certified under one of several programs as being especially eco-correct. Realtor John Walker says today’s buyers are more interested in homes with low prices than homes with high R-value insulation. But he expects that to change as energy costs rise. “Right now, everyone is looking for a bargain, but when the market does come back and the next cycle starts, I think you’ll see green features really become more important.”

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