The Story of Charlotte


FROM CHARLOTTE’S BEGINNINGS as a rural crossroads to its current status as a major U.S. city, this 12-part series traces Charlotte’s growth and highlights some of the turning points that made the city what it’s become. And it does so by simply telling stories about people who lived here—their lives, their dreams, their failures, their successes, and their piece of the great city we are now.

Part 1: Parcel of Blockheads

Part 2: A Fighting, Trifling Place

Part 3: The Gold Rush

Part 4: Whistles to War

Part 5: Blood’s Bedroom

Part 6: Power Shifts

Part 7: Bills of Rights

Part 8: Like the Wild, Wild West

Part 9: Radio Signal

Part 10: Fights for Independence

Part 11: A Time of Unrest

Part 12: Blotting Out the Sun