The Weekend Ahead: May 1-3

TRY NOT TO WEEP – A Night With Greg Louganis
Sarah and I are both a sucker for a touching story; throw in anything about pets or animals and we are goners. (Remember this if you are ever trying to get us to loan you money. Also we really like Starbucks Chai.) This night promises to be a three-hankey affair: first of all, famed Olympic diver Greg Louganis will open up, on stage, about his storied career, his decision to come out as a homosexual, and his battle with HIV. Then he’ll talk about his cause (a.k.a. the cause he is raising funds for by hosting this event):  The Greg Louganis Positively Pets Foundation, which raises money to help those infected with HIV (and affected by the high cost to treat it) to be able to afford proper medical care for their pets.  Just show us where to put the money, we are there. 
Sat, May 2, Booth Playhouse 130 N. Tryon St. 7pm. For tickets and information visit

APPRECIATE ART –  New Exhibition at RedSky Dilworth Gallery

Obviously the stance here at ShopTalk is that all fashion is art – especially jewelry. Now we know that the excellent RedSky Gallery shares our opinion as they’ll be featuring two jewelry artists (and a mixed media painter) in their new exhibition “All That Glitters”. Come marvel at the work of Betsy Klein, Elenor Wirth and Dina Lowery when their show opens tonight with a reception at the gallery from 6 – 8:30pm. 
Fri, May 1, 1224 East Blvd. 
Show runs through July 8.
SING ALONG – Gavin DeGraw at The Neighborhood Theatre
Those of us who have been watching One Tree Hill since it debuted in 2003 (yeah, that’s right. And I love it too!) already know that Mr. DeGraw can croon out a catchy tune that is bound to stick in your head for EONS to come (but, like, in a good way).  Some didn’t discover him until his song “Chariot” became a hit. Others might still have no idea who this guy is, but whether you are a long time fan or a first time listener, you are bound to be charmed by his emotive lyrics, passionate vocals and great melodies (which should sound even better with a full acoustic band playing with him!).  Tickets are nearly sold out (some can still be found on Stub Hub and eBay), which means this guy is definitely catching on, and we couldn’t be happier for him.  After all, he’s not tryin’ to be anythin’ other than what he’s been tryin’ to be lately!
Sun, May 3, Neighborhood Theatre, 3205 N. Davidson St. 
I know I recently waxed poetic about the precious faces of Matthew Perry and Zac Efron – but this is different. These are more manly pretty boys: Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey. Now, I don’t feel particularly drawn to the tales of a jacked-up wolf-man or a emotionally-stunted man-boy, but until the season of summer blockbusters is going full force we are just going to have to settle for what we can get, and in this case that means X-Men: Origins and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (memo to J. Garner: Oh honey… no.)   If that’s not your bag, then perhaps you, like myself, totally missed the fact that Disney has produced a movie all about adorable animal families around the globe, called earth. (There is a tiny duckling jumping in the air that will make your heart soar).  Either way, see ya at the multiplex. 
For exact showtimes and tickets visit