The Weekend Ahead: October 8-11

SHOP & SIP – Trunk show at Mack and Mack
We are a sucker for events that feature signature martinis. This fall trunk show, featuring styles from CoVelo Coordinates and Mack and Mack’s own clothing line will also include complimentary “Macktinis” and hors d’ oeuvres. Special in-store discounts will be available, so don’t miss out!

All day Friday, Oct. 9 at 6401 Morrison Blvd. 704-365-3002

LISTEN (& SIP AGAIN) – Music at Daveste’ Vineyards in Troutman, NC
Okay, this is going to make me sound like a major lush after writing about the martinis above, but hear me out. There are so many things in life that just seem even better when you are holding a glass of wine in your hand. (“Lush!” I know, just hold on a sec.) Here is a list of things that fall into that category: cooking dinner, rading a juicy novel, and listening to music outdoors in the fall. Right? I am so right. Well, good news: your $10 entrance fee to this event pays for the entertainment (Wally & Dave playing hits you know by bands like Dave Matthews and Van Morrison) and either a free wine tasting or a free glass of wine. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy!

Saturday, Oct. 10 4-7 p.m.

EAT & EAT & EAT- 6th Annual Chili Cookoff in Plaza Midwood and Chantilly
With the first fall chill in the air these past few days, we’ve been day dreaming about all the warm, delicious soups and stews that come along with the fall and winter months. #1 on our list is a good hearty, spicy chili. Whose got the best one in town? Find out at this all day event. Family friendly activities abound during the day, and live music and drinks will take you into the night. Oh yeah, and you’ll get to taste tons of chili and cast your vote for the very best one.

Saturday, Oct. 10. Starting at 12 p.m. $10 entrance fee. For more info go HERE .

CATCH UP – Get Thee to Hulu and discover the Fashion on GLEE
Truth Time: I watch an insane amount of TV, but, in my defense, I only watch good stuff. I don’t fall for any of that VH1 reality stuff, or Crazy A#$ Housewives from Whatever City. I do read a TON of entertainment blogs and television criticism, and, within reason, I try to give a lot of shows at least a shot at a place on my Tivo. I am more than willing to talk TV with anyone whose interested (just @reply me on Twitter to get the convo going), but for now, I just to do my part to make sure you are all watching Glee. If Episode 3 “Preggers” doesn’t hook you with it’s hilarious tributes to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, then do it for the FASHION. Like the ADORABLE yellow dresses in last night’s episode “Vitamin D”. I mean just look at them! So cute! And the little matching gold flats! I die. Also, keep your ShopTalk eye’s peeled for the precious outfits worn by guidance counselor Emma: her wardrobe is the epitome of J.Crew tailored, but punched up with fabulous colors. Her cardigans and necklaces alone make woozy with delight.

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