The Weekend Ahead: September 24-27

WAX ON – waxMAMA Launch Party at Therapy Marketplace & Cafe
Just so you know that there are no rivalries in the world of Charlotte style-blogging, we wanted to let you know about this FABULOUS launch party going on tonight to celebrate waxMAMA! Get there early to snag on of the “swax” bags full of locally made goodies and coupons! You’ve gotta get on the guest list, so go here and do it before it’s too late!

Thursday, Sept. 24, 6-9 p.m. Therapy Marketplace & Cafe, 401 N. Tryon St.

LEATHER UP – Moore & Giles at Taylor Richards & Conger
Yes, of course we are fans of faux – but let’s be real. There is just something about real, honest-to-goodness leather that you just can’t fake, no matter how hard you try. The way it smells, the way it ages, the way it softens over time, the way each trip you take with your fabulous bag seems to make it’s mark on the leather – thus keeping the memory of your travels with you when you embark on the next one. Sigh….. Yeah. So I really like luggage, in case you couldn’t tell. Especially gorgeous, leather luggage and bags like the ones available from Moore & Giles. This Friday, they’ll be parking their shiny silver Airstream trailer at Taylor Richards & Conger at Phillips Place so that you can fall in love with their leather too.

Friday, Sept. 25, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Taylor Richards & Conger

GET COVERED IN IVY (& LEO): Fall Open House Sale at Ivy & Leo
If you are reading this blog from your desk in Bank of America or Wells Fargo/Wachovia, then you likely already know about affordable wonder that is Ivy & Leo. If you happen to have a job outside of uptown, or have only ventured on to Tryon St. during your nightlife routine or for Panthers’ game, then you might not be familiar. Allow me to introduce you: Ivy & Leo is stationed inside Founder’s Hall. It’s jam packed from top to bottom with the cutest, trendiest outfits you’ve ever seen – and we’ve yet to see anything priced much over $100 (and that was a coat. A coat we’ve begun dreaming about, by the way.) Most everything in the store is under $50 (well under that, in fact) and there’s also some great (and again, uber affordable) accessories available as well (we dig on their trend-perfect belts and roomy, colorful bags). This Friday, they’ll be taking 15% off of every purchase of fall clothing, and serving up samples of apple cider to get you in the autumn mood!

Friday, Sept. 24, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 100 N. Tryon St.

FIND YOUR CENTER – Urban Living Showcase
Every thought about moving into Charlotte’s chic center city? Already live there but been wondering if the apartment down the block from you has better views from the 10th floor than your apartment does? Now is the time to give in to your curiosity and take a tour of the cool properties, restaurants, shops and lifestyle that come with a Center City address. There are a TON of new properties that have vacancies in the area, and believe me when I say some of them are so cool you’ll consider renting out your South Charlotte home just to live in one for a while. (I didn’t do it, but I really, really wanted to.) For more info on the property tours and other events during this two-day extravaganza go here.

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 25-26.

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