'They Took the Whole Thing Out of Context'

Fear of a white habit

From WRAL.com this morning:

The father of a student at East Chapel Hill High School said Wednesday that his daughter did not mean to offend anyone in late April when she posted a photo to social media of two Confederate flags with the caption “South will rise.”

A contentious scene unfolded outside the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools offices Wednesday morning when Ronald Creatore arrived to defend his daughter and ask questions of concerned students, parents and community members who were holding a news conference to call for punishment in the incident. Creatore said the meaning of his daughter’s post was taken out of context.

“My daughter is very upset. This was not intended in the way it’s being perceived in the community,” Creatore said.

From the 1993 film Fear of a Black Hat, the hip-hop This Is Spinal Tap:

Only one of these is meant to be a parody.

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