Things to Fix Before the DNC: Molting Uptown Skyscrapers

Let's get the Westin in tip top shape

Ooh yeah, Westin. You look so sexy in that fishnet stocking. Except, it’s not that. It’s a twenty-four-story-tall net designed to keep man-sized aluminum panels from falling off. One came plummeting down in September and hit the light rail line, at which time the hotel revealed that the panels were, uh, glued on.

Will It Be Fixed?
For now. Fall is the season when Charlotte’s skyscrapers shed their skin. Shattered glass and a beam rained down while the Duke Energy Center was under construction in late 2008. In September 1989, Hurricane Hugo heaved high-rise debris across uptown. If the pattern holds true, we fully expect some Volkswagen-sized chunks of Bank of America headquarters detritus to come plummeting down amid shrieking DNC delegates. Wait, that’s not confetti!


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