Things to Fix Before the DNC: The Harris Hole

Each month leading up to September’s Democratic National Convention, Jeremy Markovich profiles one aspect of Charlotte that needs fixing up.

The website for Quail Hollow Village says it’s a “village unlike any other.” It’s true. Because usually villages have buildings, streets, and people in them. Quail Hollow Village is nineteen acres of grass, dirt mounds, and a large, water-filled hole. It’s surrounded by a fence. Every year around Wachovia/Quail Hollow/Wells Fargo Championship time, people ask about it. When are they going to, you know, build something there?

Charlotte has its fair share of empty lots that should have been … something. But this swath of property at Park Road and Gleneagles Drive is always held up as a prime example of the bust of the mixed-use development bubble. The Harris Land Company turned in plans for Quail Hollow Village in 2001 and hasn’t done much with it since then.

Will It Be Fixed? The Harris Land Company referred us to owner Dee Dee Harris, who was out of town at press time and didn’t call back. But seeing as how we’ve been waiting eleven years, don’t hold your breath. The property is generating money in one way: The Harris Land Company paid $133,229 in property taxes on that land last year.


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