This Is Americana

Looking for a nostalgic taste of home cooking? We bring you 45 classic American dishes to try in Charlotte—from apple pie to deviled eggs to pot roast—that go way beyond comfort food
Photographs by Peter Taylor
Savor Cafe serves up food with Americana flair—and wisdom.

Classic American food can be a challenge to define. It’s as varied and expansive as our country and its people, and continues to borrow, adapt, and draw inspiration from cuisines around the world. Every dish has a history—and a heritage—of its own. There are regional favorites (pimento cheese) and national ones (spaghetti and meatballs), beloved seasonal items (hot dogs and burgers on the grill) and comfort foods (pot roast and mashed potatoes). Some are instant classics (fried chicken), while others are an acquired taste (liver and onions).

For dishes to seek out when you’re looking for a nostalgic taste of home cooking—that sometimes has a little bit of a Southern accent. After all, this is Charlotte. Just be prepared to clean your plate.