'This Is Not Right'

North Carolina, 2013: Where and when journalists get arrested

So Observer reporter Tim Funk got himself arrested Monday. His crimes, technically, were trespassing and failing to disperse. His actual crimes were nonexistent. "I was just interviewing them! Come on!" he said, incredulously, Monday as the Capitol Police cuffed him (as shown in the Story of America video below). "This is not right."

It is an outrage, no doubt. There's no reason, ever, to arrest a working journalist merely doing his or her job on public property. Yet the proper reaction might not be fulmination about stormtrooper tactics but, honestly, laughter: Laughter at these arrogant dopes in uniform; laughter at the bottom-feeder bullies making all this outrage possible; laughter at the thought of tossing some of these clowns out of office. Ever thus to dumbasses.

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