THIS JUST IN: Mulberry for Target

This past Saturday, my mom casually mentions the following, "Hey, did you see that Mulberry is doing a collection for Target? Don’t you like their bags?"

I nearly fainted. First of all, I was elated. MULBERRY FOR TARGET! WHO HAS BEEN READING MY DREAM JOURNAL!  Then, I was mortified. How did my mom find out about this before me? How long has this been public knowledge? How could I miss such important news?

But, apparently, my mom was pretty on top of the announcement – it was just made in Women’s Wear Daily a few days before she informed me. Way to go Mom!

The collection is set to debut on Target shelves on October 10, and price points haven’t yet been announced.

I don’t know about you, but October 9th at Midnight is already scheduled into my Blackberry. I will NOT be missing out on this Target designer collaboration!


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