Tied the Knot

Add style to your groom's wedding day attire
Chris Edwards
1. Chain Link Silk Print Bow Tie in Aqua/Light Blue, $50, J. McLaughlin 2. Carrot & Gibbs Silk Stripe Bow Tie in Light Blue and Mocha, $60, Paul Simon Co. 3. Carrot & Gibbs Silk Mini Floral Print Bow Tie in Electric Blue, $60, Paul Simon Co. 4. Stripe and Polka Dot Bow Tie in Amethyst, $45, Fairclough & Co. 5. Diagonal Stripe Bow Tie in Navy/Aqua/Turquoise, $45, Fairclough & Co. 6. R Hanhauer Polka Dot Bow Tie in Pewter/Navy, $60, Taylor Richards Conger 7. Diagonal Stripe Bow Tie in Navy/Green/White, $95, Billy Reid

Branch out a little and bypass the traditional necktie, boys. Tie on a bow to brighten up a basic tux, and let the littlest detail make the biggest statement. With subtle but stylish prints and patterns like paisley and polka dots, these neck knots are sure to bring your style up a notch.

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