Timely Fashion: The Season's Colorful Watch Trend

Stay punctual and posh this month with bright bands in different styles and every shade of the rainbow. Candy-colored wrist wear brightens the chilly season and turns fashion-savvy women into chameleons with the chance for new hues for every mood. Whether you’re matching it with your favorite blue sweater or looking for a pop of pink next to your winter grays, now you can keep track of time with sophisticated style—and plenty of color—on your wrist.
Chris Edwards

1. Juicy Couture Pale Pink Watch, $195, Nordstrom, 704-442-6000

2. La Mer Green Watch, $90, KK Bloom, 704-919-1142

3. Nixon Shutter Podo Magenta Watch, $100, Revolution, 704-563-9990

4.  Michele Jelly Bean Watch, $295, Neiman Marcus, 704-442-7900

5.  Orange Tock Braided Cuff Watch, $30, Green with Envy, 704-344-8774

6.  Geneva Yellow Snakeskin Cuff Watch, $19, Handpicked, 704-334-2037

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