Times Are Changing

Charlotte just keeps adding "big" moments to its list

In honor of our fortieth anniversary, we look back at some of the articles that have shaped Charlotte magazine.
A few things have changed since September 2003, when our staff picked the thirty-five moments that "left an unmistaken and indelible impact" on Charlotte in the thirty-five years since this magazine launched. These days, the LYNX light rail seems to overshadow an event like the Charlotte trolley starting to run through the South End in 1996. And the grand opening of SouthPark mall in 1970 doesn't feel nearly as exciting as the completion of its glamorous new wing in 2007.

There wasn't much from Charlotte's recent history that went unnoticed in our thirty-five moments, though. From banks to Ballantyne, Morton's to the mayor, Jim Bakker to Jerry Richardson, the feature covered the city's highs and lows, including details like Charlotte's first legal cocktail in seventy years being served at 8:04 a.m in 1978, and that there was actually a serious proposal to make I-485 a toll road (like it needs another excuse for traffic to stop!).

Five years -- and many low- and highlights—later, we're wondering what should be added to this year's fortieth-anniversary list. Winning the bid for the NASCAR Hall of Fame? The launching of the light rail? The opening of the Billy Graham Library? Send your picks for the most momentous or memorable events of the past five years at www.charlottemagazine.com.

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