Top Docs

Chris Edwards
Dr. John Green

Everyone wants a doctor whom they can trust and be comfortable with. On our 2010 Top Doctors list you’ll find 276 physicians in 60 specialties that other doctors said they would send their loved ones to if they were in need of medical attention. These are the men and women other physicians trust and feel comfortable with — enough so that they’d recommend them to you. That same trust and comfort level is what led us to feature the men and women starting on page 56. They told us about the first time they transferred an embryo, performed a heart transplant, delivered bad news, saved a life, and more, all of which are moments where a patient needs to feel wholly confident about his or her physician.

The First Time I:

Gave a Family Bad News

Treated a Gunshot Victim

Saved Someone I Really Didn’t Think Would Make It

Delivered Quadruplets

Performed a Triple Bypass

Transferred an Embryo

Saved a Life by Accident

Repaired a Facial Cleft

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