Top Doctors 2017

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EACH YEAR, we survey more than 3,000 licensed physicians in the region. This year, you’ll find a list that covers 64 different specialties across the medical field, and the top 10 percent of vote-getters in those specialties. Below, you’ll find full details of how we came up with this year’s list of winners, from our contracted research firm, DataJoe. See the Top Doctors for 2017 with this database.

This doctors nomination is a project in which we ask doctors in the area to vote for other doctors in various specialties. We ask the doctors to vote for doctors who exemplify excellence in their specialties. The list is intended to allow patrons to see and celebrate their doctors who make the list. It also gives those seeking medical services a place to find doctors who are most nominated by their participating peers.

How was the list created?
To create the list, Charlotte magazine contracted DataJoe Research to facilitate an online peer-voting process. DataJoe Research is a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers. DataJoe checked and confirmed that each winner in the final list submitted to the publisher had, at time of our review, a current, active license status with the appropriate state regulatory board. If we were not able to find evidence of a doctor’s current, active registration with the state regulatory board, that doctor was excluded from the list. In addition, any doctor who has been disciplined for an infraction by the state regulatory board was excluded from the list. Finally, DataJoe presented the tallied result to Charlotte for its final review and adjustments.

How many doctors were selected as winners?
Charlotte magazine narrowed the list to the top 10 percent of vote-getters in each category, or, in smaller categories with only two to five doctors receiving votes, those who received significantly more votes than the others.

How are nominations obtained?
Charlotte magazine and DataJoe Research reach out to individuals in the region, encouraging them to vote and distribute the ballot to other doctors. Our contact database is substantial, but not comprehensive. We encourage doctors who want to ensure they are in our system to send an email to, so that we can conduct a lookup and add their information if needed.

What information is required to make a nomination?
Doctors are instructed to provide a valid, active license number, and basic contact information identifying themselves. Doctors are instructed to submit only one ballot per nomination project, per year. DataJoe has established internal review processes to isolate and eliminate ballots for voters who do not follow the rules for submission. Each doctor’s ballot choices remain confidential.

How are the practice areas determined?
Although the categories are very broad, they are intended to reflect relevant practice areas in the region. We recognize that there are many specialty areas, but cannot accommodate them all. If there is a strong and consistent request for additional practice areas, they may be considered for possible inclusion in next year’s nomination.

Final note
We recognize that there are many good doctors who are not shown in this representative list. This is only a sampling of the huge array of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion in the list is based on the opinions of responding doctors in the region. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting, although we understand that the results of this survey nomination are not an objective metric. We certainly do not discount the fact that many, many good and effective doctors may not appear on the list.

DataJoe uses best practices and exercises great care in assembling content for this list. DataJoe does not warrant that the data contained within the list are complete or accurate. DataJoe does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. All rights reserved. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without written permission from DataJoe.

For research/methodology questions, contact Jill Prew, Researcher, at

See the Top Doctors for 2017 with this database.

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