Trai Turner Skillfully Blocks Away Newfound Attention

Even though he's in his second season as a pro, right guard Trai Turner is the fourth-youngest player on the Carolina Panthers' roster. But the 22 year old acted like a savvy veteran on Wednesday when meeting with the media.

A day earlier, video of Turner blocking two-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt to the ground during the Panthers' Week 2 win over the Texans went viral

Naturally, reporters wanted to hear how Turner slayed one of the NFL's biggest beasts. But he wasn't about to let us plaster juicy quotes across the internet. 

Instead, Turner played coy, insisting his focus is on this week's game against his hometown Saints. Like a true lineman, he kept deflecting questions. At least he did it with a smile:

"How would you describe your block on that play?"

"Which one? There were like 73 of them."

"You retweeted it yesterday, so I'm guessing you saw it."

"What retweet? I don't remember my Twitter account." (the retweet has since been deleted)

"Ok, what was your assignment on that play?"

"Just a one-on-one block. Simple, the usual. It ended up that way. It was a good block by the whole offensive line. We were able to get a touchdown pass, a great catch by Ted Ginn, to help us win the game."

"Was that one of those things where you let him power into you and you tried to win with leverage?"

"No, let's not take anything away from that guy, he's a great player. Let's leave it at that."

Fine. But a few lockers down from Turner sits right tackle Mike Remmers, whose left foot has been credited with an assist on the play. 

So, Mike, did Watt end up on the ground because of your foot, or was that all Trai?

"I'm not quite sure what happened; I just saw a good block. It just happened that way. I don't know."

Stonewalled again. Third time's a charm, though. Center Ryan Kalil could give us the money quote. So what happened?

"Hey, it's a car wreck inside there."

Humph. But we have one more chance. Quarterback Cam Newton was the biggest beneficiary of the block. He'll most certainly rave, right?

"That was pretty cool. Now we're turning the page and we're ready to go. Now the focus is on the New Orleans Saints."

It's almost like these guys knew what they were and weren't supposed to say. 

But Trai, come on – you can at least admit your phone's been blowing up a bit the past 24 hours?

"I think the Saints are a real good team."

Blocked again. At least none of us ended up on the ground. 


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