Traveler’s Tips

  • Ask a volunteer Confused? Find one of CLT’s seventy-five volunteers, clad in blue-and-black polo shirts. They’ll help you navigate the airport or simply point you in the right direction. They also assist kids flying solo and elderly passengers. Call 704-359-4000 for more information.
  • Join the Club For a glass of chilled wine and a gourmet salad, or a brightly lit space to send faxes and e-mails, visit the 30,000-square-foot lounge in Concourse C, open to US Airways Club members (or nonmembers can pay $40 a day for access). There’s a smaller version in Concourse B. To join, visit
  • Mail it Forgot your grandfather’s antique Swiss Army knife was in your pocket before going through security? Don’t trash it. After 9/11, Heather Lowery of Huntersville launched Checkpoint Mailers, which has an outpost at each security checkpoint and will mail your valuables home starting at $9.95.
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