Trend on Trial: Baby Heels

Ok, this is officially our first post about children’s attire. (I’m tempted to follow this immediately with a post on Pottery Barn Kid’s Halloween Costumes because WOW THEY ARE SO CUTE, but I’ll refrain.)

Now, not having a child myself I generally try to stay away from judging mothers for their children’s attire. After all, at the rate I’m going with my dachshund if I ever have children they’ll eventually hate me a little for the outfits I’ll mostly likely make them wear. However, I have to say that I have very mixed feelings on these baby stilettos by Heelarious.

They’ve been featured on the Today Show and stirred up quite a bit of debate all around. And I’m torn. One part of me says that baby heels are just weird. They’re like the fashion equivalent of those E*Trade talking baby commercials. And those are weird. However, another part of me loves the irony. A baby in heels? That’s almost as funny as a dachshund in a dress.

The Verdict: If you’re doing it because it’s funny (or “heelarious”), then bring on the stilettos. If you’re doing it because you want your baby’s legs to look longer than your neighbor’s baby’s legs, it’s time to pull back out the booties.

Will it work in Charlotte? I’m not sure. I’d have to do some further baby shoe choice research to determine that.

What do you think?

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